Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Unveiling of the Kimchi...

Kimchi (phew, stinky!).

This year, DinnerDad wanted to make a Korean banquet for xmas Eve, so decided to stink up the place by making his own Kimchi. Of the cabbage variety. Blerg!! So he heats up the cabbage and stuff, does something awful to it, and puts it in some innocent bottles that had never done him any harm. Then it has to stay out and ferment (I like to call it the fancy word for rot) for 40 hours before being refrigerated. mmmm, yummy!

He unbottled it on the 23rd so he could make Kimchi soup for xmas eve. Doesn't it look great!

It had to be wrestled into submission with scissors.


Mmmm, Dadda, can I have some!?

Here is the finished soup, it looks kind of like intestines that someone sicked up.

The soup was delicious, BTW! I don't know how it can be so yummy when containing carefully rotted cabbage, but it was... (lol, just teasing DinnerDad, you rock). We had the left over soup with noodles on xmas night for dinner, it was seriously tasty stuff. Weird.

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anastasia_wolf said...

Again with the making me laugh! Love your style, and yes it DOES look awful!