Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pool Party!

Today, Lolly and I went to a pool party with some lovely friends for an end of year/solstice gathering.

It was a long drive for Lolly and I, but we got through it just fine (with the help of some chips and a large coffee for me). Lots of our lovely friends were there, in particular Lolly's favourite toddler pals, Damara and Darcy.

The yard and house are awesome for kids!! A huge run around area, with everything a kid could want to play with. It was meant to be a pool party, but it ended up being dark and stormy, here is the storm coming in.

Lolly and her friend, Darcy, thought this was great fun! Here they are playing in the rain... "It's raining!" and "Where's Darcy?" says Lolly.

Hello over there!

Here they are catching rain pouring off the roof.

Watching her friend.

Just gorgeous, Darcy.

I bought you some rain, Mummy.

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anastasia_wolf said...

Oh great photos! Looks like a fun day was had, even if the pool was shunned ;).