Saturday, December 19, 2009

A 9 foot Christmas Tree!

We've been busy lately, Christmas shopping and having fun with friends. Yesterday we had lots of women over for an informal seasonal party. Lots of friends came, and Lolly had great fun. In fact it was sooooooo fun that she went all day with NO NAP! Eeeeek!

Here are some shots of our life lately (as this blog has been photo poor of late).

Toddler jedis!!

Going for a walk with Mummy.

We decided to buy ourselves the world's biggest Christmas tree this year. DinnerDad really wanted one! So we went late and bought a display tree from Myer. It's missing two branches at the back, so we got a discount, and then when I went in the next day to pay and pick it up, they were having a 40% off sale on xmas stuff, so we got it for $220!! If you've ever looked at a 9 foot Christmas tree, you'll know that is an amazing price :-) So now we've got to keep it for at least 15 years to offset the carbon produced in making it (lol).

So, here it is being put up by DinnerDad, Smash and Lolly.


Nearly done (we need more tinsel, clearly).


anastasia_wolf said...

Impressive tree! And I think it's 20 years ;). We have about 15 years to go on ours LOL!!

Selene said...

Oh no - even longer than I thought! LOL