Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time Alone...

I'm enjoying some time without the lovely Lolly here this morning! As much as I love the bundle, it sure is nice to sit on the computer, drink coffee, and eat some chocolate by myself in the house!!!

We've been busy lately, we had a lovely week with friends, went to the museum, went to Rocks Riverside Park and played in the water - Snail loved it, Lolly was a little scared of all the people trying to escape the heat - we've done some Christmas shopping, it's been a full week. Snail is on holidays as well now, though they are both off to their mother's this week, we've got lots planned for the week before Christmas, and DinnerDad is on holidays! *woot!*

I'll be back to post some photos once Duplicate Annihilator finishes sorting the *48,000* photos that apparently I have now after moving back to the laptop *shock*. It's been running for days! And you can't use iPhoto while it works *sigh*

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