Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Here is our lovely, low key Christmas day.

Presents in the morning - with a cup of coffee lol

OMG!!11!!! Makka Pakka!

Lolly playing the drum we got from Oxfam for Snail.

Snail with her doll, nawwwww.

My Mum and Dad came round, with my little sis Julz. More presents!!

Snail thinks this one is hers!

Lolly and Nanna.

Can't resist a shot of the spelling mistake on the Mega Blocks box... lol

One of Lolly's favourite things of the day was this floor cushion that Julz had brought over for us (not a pressie, just getting rid of some stuff) - Lolly loved climbing on it, walking over it, sitting on it, and flopping on it.

She also got a very pink (!!) trike that was a hit (though I have to confess we almost forgot to give it to her lol). She already does wheelies, takes after her father.

Here is DinnerDad in his traditional xmas attire of a garish hawiian shirt, having a rest after cooking us an awesome steak xmas dinner.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday season, everyone.

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