Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home again.

Snail is back with us!  She's here for three weeks, then, if she's up to it, we'll be back to week about.  Transfers are a little hard to say the least at the moment!

We're nearly 4 weeks out from her surgery now, and we're getting there...slowly!  Snail still has a fair bit of pain, and isn't eating well.  Given that most of her meds are oral (don't ask about the others!) this is a fun time for all.  Still, she is getting better every day, which frankly is odd. 

Not that she would get better from surgery, of course she would.  Her health is basically good, and her immune system works a treat.  It's more the weirdness of her having something awful happen that will GET BETTER.  We're more used to "oh, that's the suckfullness that is her/our lives now, and we just have to wear it."  The CP, the intellectual disability, seizures that just get worse and worse and don't respond to meds well, then the hips, which have been gradually deteriorating for at least a year now (in the acute phase, longer really in terms of decreasing mobility and increasing pain).  So yeah, we don't really get things that GET BETTER.

This will, you know, get better.  She'll feel gradually better every day.  She'll get MORE movement and ability back instead of less.  She'll get LESS pain instead of more.  When it's all said and done, she'll be better off in a few months than she has been in years.  We might even get some mobility back, it's been ages since she could use her walker, or walk supported.  So, it's kind of awesome.  Though I'm not quite feeling it yet.  Cautiously awesome. 

We've got another nearly four weeks of splints and the foam wedge that holds her legs and hips in position, then hopefully after her follow-up appointment and x-ray we'll get more of a repreive and can move to just using them at night.  Then an intensive couple of weeks of physio at the hospital to get her used to moving again.  Then, back to school and regular physio.  Can't wait!!

So, that's my mildly coherent update.  And here are some shots of our various contraptions, which are numerous!  The recliner for relaxed telly watching that we borrowed from her Mum...

The reclining wheelchair, complete with bonus world's fattest cat and our new turtle tank :D

Snail and DinnerDad are camping out in the lounge because we can't get the enormous chair down our tiny hallway.  At least it's bright and sunny out there!

There's a hoist too, but apparently I haven't uploaded a pic.  Next time.  We haven't had to use it yet as the 2-person lift is working fine. 

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