Monday, August 20, 2012

New family members, or: OMG PUPPY!

My delightful sister-in-law and dear friend has a new (ish, she's had her a few months now!) puppy.  A puppy of awesomeness.  A puppy whose cute-osity knows no satiety.  Lou-Lou!!

Giant fluff ball...and puppy
My DSIL (delightful sister-in-law) has never known so frequent a visitor as young Lolly, since obtaining this puppy paragon.  Lolly barely gets a week before demanding to see "her puppy Lou-Lou."
ZOMG the cute
I mean, seriously.  'tis not a dog, 'tis a fur-ball of cute!

Alarming similarities?

Two happy puppies.

Lou-Lou and DSIL, we loves you!!

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Lauren said...

So super cute! Love that last pic. xx