Sunday, August 5, 2012

Recent doings - July

After horrid lurgys, and being at home with Snail pre-surgery, then having the surgery - Lolly and I have found ourselves with time to go out!  It's very strange.  But Snail is at her mother's, so weirdly after all the *emergency* of our past few weeks, we had basically 2 weeks off, with no Snail, no lurgys, and lovely fine winter weather.  She's back Friday.

Once I'd had a couple of days at home reeling around and feeling anxious, depressed, and weird, we've been off doing stuff.

We visited an awesome friend at her new home (yay!  Much closer to us!), and Lolly had her face painted.

Lolly - Face painting by her little friend, B.

We've been to the shops!  Lolly's lunch of choice when out is what we call "McSushi" - fries, a raw salmon sushi roll, all dipped in oodles of soy sauce.  
 One night last week Lolly decided she was going to sleep in the toy basket.
The cute!!
 And when we can, we go visit Snail at her mother's.  Here we are, all buckled up ;)
Click, clack, front and back!
We've also been to playgroup, had Nanna and Pop over, and generally been enjoying a strange island of peace and quiet as much as we can.

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