Friday, November 25, 2011

Things I Know: Slightly Blah Edition

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I don't feel I know that much this week!  I had one of those "blah" weeks, neither here nor there, a waiting-to-pass week.  I spent too much time avoiding life and not enough time living it.  My kids spent too much time watching television and amusing themselves.  We did have a some lovely times with friends, but I was tired and felt flat anyway.  You know weeks like that, where the good stuff doesn't get in (like liquid into this chalk...).  Here are some things I know about this kind of week:

- I need more sleep.

- I also need time alone.

- See point one.

- Television can be a blessing, after all, we don't live in a tribe!

- I am heartily sick of television.

- Reading is a great way to avoid the world.  (It's also a great way to engage with it, but that wasn't the spirit this week).

- My kids remain awesome.

- Sometimes we all need some appreciation.

- Washing up is actually a demon sent from Hell to torment us.

- It's hot.

See, a lackluster collection of things from a lackluster me!  I hope I perk up by next week's Things I Know! :D


Kestrel said...

Oh I hear you, I had one of those too.. and I'm not sure why. but yeah, point one - can I come too?

Marita said...

I know I need alone time too, it is so vital to my sanity.

tinsenpup said...

Oh yes, I do "know weeks like that, where the good stuff doesn't get in". That's beautifully worded. And yes, yes, yes to more sleep and television and awesome kids and especially washing up.

Jayne said...

Amen to needing more sleep! Hope you get some sooner rather than later.

kirri said...

Sleep - something I never seemed to need much of when I didn't have kids and now something I can never get enough of! A brighter week must be in store for you tomorrow!