Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kitchen renovation, the show-off post :D

We finished the kitchen recently, with an unexpected fridge fail, which led to the purchase of a new fridge.  We lashed out on a side-by-side fridge (from a seconds warehouse).  It is veeerrrry noice! 

Then, another trip to Ikea later, we had somewhere to put the microwave and the whole kitchen seemed to come together.  Here's the new set-up.

Here's are some before shots to compare...


In progress...

More new!

I'm enjoying having the kitchen finished off, and loving the white on white.  Although we sometimes think that we should have run those awesome red tiles all the way up that wall...  I guess you never really finish!


SaraMG said...

would you like at the size of that oven! I'm drooling! ;)

Great kitchen, enjoy wonderful family and cooking times in it :)

Kestrel said...

How nice to see the finish! Just gorgeous!

Rachel said...

We just bought the same fridge :) What good taste you have.