Thursday, November 10, 2011

A day out with Aunt J

Aunty J!
While we were in Sydney, escaping from paint fumes, we had an awesome day out with my sister, Lolly's aunt J.  I'm sharing it here to sum up our great holiday break.

We had ice cream on the harbour.

We caught a ferry to Darling Harbour.  Lolly was not impressed: she spotted the ferris wheel at Luna Park and had a fit about wanting to go on it.  It's mystifying what kids fixate on sometimes, she was totally fine, then a second later, putting her cry on about not riding on a ferris wheel that up until that moment, she had no idea existed.  Also, it was windy.  She perked up, thank the gods.

View from the ferry...some bridge and opera house ;)
We patted a blue-tongue lizard (outside the small zoo there), stopped for lunch, then walked up to the Powerhouse Museum.  Much of it was closed, but we still had fun.  We saw (and were fascinated for ages with) this dancing robot arm.

My sister and I were somewhat mystified by this sign near one of the children's play areas...

Lolly gets museum knowledge from strange pod!

We got the monorail back to town, and went for a swim in the luxe hotel pool.

Then it was get kitted out for dinner with our awesome cousins at a fab Greek restaurant.  Lolly couldn't finish her delicious calamari, so we asked for a doggy bag, which Lolly is determined would actually have a picture of a dog on it.  The waiter was so charming, and he came out with this, apparently the chef tried his best to draw a dog on the container.  So lovely!

Lolly and her "doggy bag"
It was an awesome day. We miss our Aunt J xo


Stacey said...

The sign! At first I read it as (No high heels) on children up to 8 years of age... which I thought "yeah fair enough but why a sign for it?" LOL!!

And the dog! Awesome, I love it when people make a tiny bit of effort for kids.

Angie said...

What a fun trip! & I love that they drew a dog for her. precious! :D