Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ikea, or, The Place of Happiness.

We lurv Ikea round these parts.  [Well, I do, and Lolly.  Not DinnerDad or Smash.  Snail is neutral, but always loves a day out...].  Lolly and I found ourselves there couple of weeks ago at a gathering of lovely friends.  Here are some iPhone shots. 

With our "new friend" on the front of the trolley.

The kids played for AGES in the children's section, while some of us chatted.

Blurry but cute. Just after waking up from pretend naps.

Playing at the dining area.  All restaurants should have a kid's section!!
It was lovely to catch up with old friends.  And I got some cool stuff.  Ikea, I *heart* you!

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