Saturday, March 7, 2009

A week of doings!

Here is an update post on some of our doings over the past week or so, with plenty of photos for extra cuteness!

Last Saturday, while DinnerDad was repairing the whippersnipper, the girls had some outside bathtime fun near the garage!

"Big" hand, little foot!

Last Sunday we embarked on our driving adventure/experiment, which went really well up til the 20 minutes of screaming on the way home. *sigh* We went out via the Warrego and round via the dams up to Mount Glorious, with a stop for a bushwalk and hotdogs for lunch, and then a coffee.

Bushwalking with a wheelchair is fun!! Snail peeping at me...

Wheel over a stream.


Just before Smash stacked it :)

Lolly in the Ergo.

It was the hour long drive home that did Lolly in. She was tired, but not tired enough, and really got upset for a good quarter hour plus. There was a stop for booba, and for me to swap with Smash in the back, to little effect once we got going again. It was pretty harrowing til she fell asleep. I find that kind of crying in the car so difficult as it's like I abandoned her to her terrible four-wheeled fate. All her other crying is in-arms (and she's not a big cryer anyway), to hear her screaming and sobbing because of the car is heartbreaking to me. Hence the lack of much car travelling over the past 6 months. Before that, I had become pretty adept at timing trips with her naps, and we actually drove a lot that way. Now, naps aren't reliable and there is more objection, which is gradually easing up as she gets older and more interested in everything. Here's to a cruisy car future as she grows to be more entertained by it all! Living out here where even getting to the local shops is 10 minutes driving, and getting to anywhere entertaining is at least 15 minutes, it has been a bit difficult. Lolly is now pretty reliably happy to travel for 15-20 minutes, which is enough to get a fair few places for me. With lots of interesting things (facewashers to suck on, cups of water, teething rusks, lots and lots of interesting toys, my wallet, the nappy bag, etc etc etc) she can get 30 minutes.

We had a busy week, Smash is taking tennis lessons and we all trucked over there Tuesday night, DinnerDad had a major week at work (and just got a super cool promotion!) so there was a lot of Selene and the girls afternoons. Went well though, it's much easier to deal with them both now Lolly is a little older. Phew!

Afternoon snacking on plums!

School is tiring!

More on our gardening works soon!

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