Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of a Oneth Birthday!

Lolly is One! She was one on the 17th, and I have trouble believing it. She is the most beautiful, loving child, so full of joy, curiousity, and smiles. She has bought love and joy to my life, and has changed me forever. To my daughter on her first birthday, all the love and light in the world, may your future be full of love, adventure, independence, grand thoughts, joy, and laughter. I love you.

Lolly on the day of her birth. This is a bit sad for me, a c-section photo, it's the first time I touched her when she was outside of me. Amazing to see her though! Totally in love!

Happy now, back from the horrible oxygen crib and with Mumma.

2 days old.

One year later, Lolly at One.

A little bit of sponge cake makes a big cake-face mess!

Lolly and her red car walker/ride on that she got as a present.

Lolly and her brother and sister.

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anastasia_wolf said...

*hugs* to you first. I have that same photo (at the top) and it hurts every time I see it.

Secondly... congratulations on a year of boobying! Lolly is SUCH a gorgeous bubba, and you are a gorgeous mama!