Thursday, March 19, 2009

We have lift off!

Lolly is off and running! Well, off and bum-wobbling, at any rate. She is a very stationary baby thus far, and has always been a sitter rather than a tummy-er. She hasn't crawled, and prefers sitting among her things. Well, after many weeks of throwing herself round energetically, and threatening to crawl, she has taken to a bum shuffle that has in the past 2 days become pretty efficient! For the first time in a year, I have a baby who doesn't stay in the one spot when you put her down!

Here she is, off and shufflin'... Look how far she got!

I found a foot over here, Mummy!

She has been shuffling for a while, but not very far. Only a few feet or so at the most. Now she has decided to go further afield, and did quite a few metres last night, adventuring over to follow in her sister's footsteps of pulling out videos.

She had fun putting them back, too.

She is also very keen on pulling herself up on things, and the other night spent some time using the laptop to look at pictures, by pressing the correct button to make them change!

She is saying a bit more now, she still calls lights and all manner of things "star", and says Dadda very often (correctly). She pants for "dog" and says a kind of "duh" sound for this, too. She says "niiiiggghhh" for night night, and waves with either a "nigh" sound, or a combo between "hi" and "bye". She says booba (so cute when she whispers this at night while asleep), often with a gorgeous whispery "booooobaaa" like she is very fond of it! She says Mumma, but not a lot.

All in all, an eventful few days. It will be an interesting new stage for us both to get used to a mobile life!

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anastasia_wolf said...

Go Lolly! That's awesome!