Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mucking around with this blog

I am trying (and Dave is helping) to work out blogging, mostly pictures and formatting stuff.

It is 2 weeks since we got the new car....Dave's weapon.

We had a good week with the kiddles. Lolly is getting very big! She is 5 and a half months now, and enjoys putting her toes in her mouth, chatting, and giggling. Everything that goes near her, she puts in her mouth. She is very interested in the pets now, and watches them as they move around. She enjoys the brother and sister very much, there is a lot of laughing and smiling at them both now. She loves it when Dave comes home from work, busts out of her skin! We had a visit from Nanna this week, as well as M and Riley on Tuesday afternoon. Lots of fun!

I made her a "sitting up" box that she's in right now! She is not sitting up unsupported yet, but likes being propped up and playing with toys. Here is a video from today as an experiment.