Sunday, August 31, 2008

The garden begins

Yesterday we started on our garden, the vege patch part of it anyway. We dug out the patch and turned it all over, and added our compost bin to it. Fun was had by all.

Snail did a lot of digging and helping. Lolly mostly watched, but really enjoyed being outside.

More garden work today! Here is me learning to use the tractor/mower. No...Snail and I are not having a race!

Here is Smash at the top of the backyard.

We're planning two more large vege patches, to grow a lot of our own food. Dave cleared out the chook pen area near the shed (which is just behind Smash out of picture), and in a couple of weeks there will be chickens! I want to harvest our aloe vera, which you can see just behind Smash. Dave's curry tree (front right) is doing well, despite lots of curries lately!

We're also planning an orchard down in our unused "front" yard with a range of fruit trees. So, basic gardening is a priority, as well as getting some rainwater tanks. Chooks in a couple of weeks.

On Friday night, the two girls laughed at the same thing for the first time - it was bath time and I was, as usual, singing a foolish song. Both the Lolly and Snail thought it was hilarious! They also smiled at each other a lot yesterday. I think this is the beginning of them being friends. There'll be a long period where they are both interested in the same thing, and in each other, and this will be great for them both. Very sweet.

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