Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6 months!

Lolly is 6 months old today!

She has been very interested in food so has had a couple of peices of actual food (!!) this week. We are doing baby-led solids, for more on this see this site, and this decent forum for ideas. Kellysmom has some good articles on baby-led solids too, and the importance of delaying solids to at least 6 months in favour of breastfeeding, and of continuing to breastfeed as "solids" are introduced.

Baby-led solids is about listening to your baby, and letting them lead. Lolly is not really eating yet, just very interested in what we are doing when we are eating. Simple food that she can play and experiment with, as well as plain water from a cup, and utensils to play with and learn are good starts. Lolly has been totally breastfed until 6 months, and we aren't planning on weaning her! Just letting her take her own pace with food, and the social activities of eating. Her first thing to 'eat' was a rusk, and here she is, chowing down!

I ordered some wheat-free rusks online, hopefully they will be here soon! Here she is 'drinking' from a cup. She has also tried a piece of watermelon, which turned up in her nappy the next day (very alarming!), and 2 nights ago she has some banana. Last night before dinner she sucked on some celery, but wasn't that interested. Here she is at dinner drinking water. She only had a couple of sips, but had fun with the cup!

We have also been busy in the garden again, and here are some pictures. First, here is the wheelchair ramp Dave is building! It just needs railings and the support logs trimmed off a bit.

And here is our "front" yard, where we are going to plant the orchard. You can see Smash, bub and Dave to one side.

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strawberrypot said...

luv! that pic of lolly having a wee sippette of water is tooooooo cute! i can't believe how much she looks like her dadda, either; just the expression in her eyes as she glances upward - spookily like d. ordinarily, i guess she looks more like you around the eyes. aren't genes amazing? here she is, 50/50 mum and dad, but, and thoroughly, 100 % her! and you say you're agnostic - pah! luv, l.