Thursday, September 11, 2008

...on breastfeeding and foolish shirts

I've had a lot of time surfing, but not much typing, and was exploring the fabulous Joyous Birth breastfeeding threads and found a great article, you can read it here!

It explores the normalisation of language around nursing in an accessible way. Makes me even more aware of both language and social construction patterns around parenting and "choice".

On a more banal note, but still on the heaps of time surfing thang, I've been doing the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt, which is mildly addictive for those times when I just can't read anything more that's either useful or intelligent. The GDUNH satisfies those consumer urges in a vaguely PC way. Oh, and there are prizes!

Lolly is absolutely delightful, she develops so fast and is now very keen to sit up, even if her urges are thwarted by not being able to balance as well as she'd like. She enjoyed all the other babies at the great sewing day we went to yesterday. Here is her latest shirt! Buy one here if this describes your family!

I couldn't resist this one from the hilarious Torsopants, myself...

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Elizabeth said...

hey-ya, selene! catching up on the blog - which is mistressful (i'm doing a monique wittig and reclaiming language - fuck the patriarchy!!!). by the way, love the torso-thingy. surely, the only possible response is, 'no, it's just me'... hah!