Friday, July 29, 2011

Really? On google search terms

I've seen posts around the traps where bloggers list what seach words find their blogs, now I'm not a huge blogger, or even a big blogger, [or even a medium sized blogger!l] so I don't get a huge amount of search engine hits, but each month I get more and more, and this week there were several hits on my blog via google searches that tickled my fancy...

In addition to the "memo to self" hits, I also had multiple hits from these keywords:

memo to self 8121   [??]
wheelchair kids on bus    [Why?]
octonaut photos   [uh huh]
i know this comes at very short notice    [who googles this?  Whyyyyyyy?]
girl in a wheelchair    [Appropriate?  Creepy?]
funny memo to self    [why thanks, I'm here all week!]
wheelchair kids blog   [okay, but I'm not sure what they're looking for]
starwars meaningless  [NEVER!!]
funny moon road signs  [uh huh]
booba  [perhaps after a breastfeed?]
being a stepmom stinks  [:(]
poking stick  [Awesome!!]
alia's cat named "milk"  [that one is just weird]

I think it's the final two that make me lol the loudest. 

Search keywords are officially weird, and can I mention it's a bit noice to get enough hits these days that I get keywords other than what I know is my Mum on google.  :D


Anna said...

I love reading how people get to my blog. Some of the things they are searching for is hilarious!

Selene said...

Hilarious and alarming, hey...