Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Doldrums

Other people get these, right?  Those days (and strings of days) where snack-making, activity-doing, going-out-organising is just too much and you end up parking the kid in front of the television and hoping they just keep quiet for a week or so.  Where one more demand for any kind of attention (from anyone) feels like it's going to blow one of your gaskets.  Where you just can't bring yourself to care (again) that the cat or dog "did stuff", or to explain *why* endlessly, or admire the all round awesome of your own flesh and blood (and all of their bodily products!), who at that moment you'd quite happily neglect shamelessly for an episode of your favourite TV show (uninterupted) and a good lie down (also uninterupted, and possibly in a different time zone). 

I'm not a bad parent, in fact I'm pretty damn good at my job.  But I'm in the doldrums.  My sails are flat.  My brain is fuzz.  I am a limp biscuit.

The Doldrums: apparently "warm air rises and loses its moisture" is code for "parent loses motivation to walk upright and talk in complete sentences."
I had revived a tad, in the past few weeks, but this damn cold has plonked me back in the "warm air rises and loses its moisture" zone again. 

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