Thursday, July 21, 2011

Growing Up

Look how grown up the Snail looks in this shot (from a visit to her Aunty Liz's).  We're loving her new short haircut, she looks like an ethereal pixie!

Beautiful Snail
Oh and I realised I hadn't posted photos from her haircut a couple of months ago, so here they are!  We went to a flash salon.  Here is DinnerDad helping Snail keep her head up (which was the biggest issue).  She was fine, if a little floppy (she'd had some seizures the day before).  Snail LOVES mirrors "in the mirror!" (kind of one word: indamerra), so that helps!  Lots of "oooooo!" and "Snail!" and "indamerra!!"  The short style is great for her, and way easier keeping it out of her eyes (and dinner). 

Exposing the inner pixie!


Elizabeth said...

She's a doll!

Selene said...

Cute, hey! And grown up, too!