Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It doesn't count when you're sick, right?

Just a cold, but feeling a tad sorry for myself yesterday and today...  I'd pay decent money to NOT have to care for a 3 year old right now.  TV is my drug of choice when sick, none of my shows are ok for kids to watch (think True Blood) and she won't watch anything longer than 20 minutes to let me get my iPad magic on.  Oh the woe!!  Or should I be grateful, as this girl's stubborn refusal to be tranquilised by television is surely just support for my new policy enforcement?  *le sigh*

I'd ask DinnerDad to do it, but he's sick too, which just compounds everyone's misery by a factor of 10.  Don't you hate it when you're hanging out all day for the other parent to come home, and the swing in the door (early, causing premature flutters of gratitude) just as sick and miserable as you!  I unfairly feel unreasonable resentment about it, purely because I wanted a break.  I'm not proud...or particularly awesome when besieged by germs. 

Fortunately, Smash made dinner last night, and disappeared with Lolly for a good long time jumping on the Jumpoline. I take back everything I said about lazy teenagers with no sense of familial responsibility.  Most of it.  Some of it.  A couple of sentences at least.

Continuing our theme of unicorns, how can I resist this one?

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 And now I return to listlessly lolling about the house, staring down the ever increasing pile of washing up, and the fresh layers of toys no one has tidied, and being very glad it's not a Snail week. 

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Elizabeth said...

Oh -- what a bummer. I hope you're feeling better soon.