Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painting and other fun stuff

[Lolly is much better now, thanks for all the well wishes!  She's back to her normal exuberant self.  Thank goodness!]

Confessions of a regular mother: I'm kinda slack.  I don't love spending hours painting, making playdough, crafting and so on with my small ones.  I get bored.  I don't like mess.  I suspect many of us are the same, if we're honest.

We had some friends around for an art day recently.  I wish I had pictures, but my camera is still out of action (damn floods!!).  I snapped these with my phone during her second painting session the day after.   I was interested to see she now does arms and legs in the "correct" spot on a figure.  I drew the two circles for head and body, she did the rest.  The big swirly lines are (sorry Nanna!) snakes, apparently.
Lolly's person (I did the two basic circles for head and body).
You can see what I mean by the mess, right!?
Lolly is very proud of her best canvas: herself!

She LOVES painting.  LOVES it.  I've been fielding requests for painting several times a day since then.  Damn it.  :D


Stacey said...

Yeah I get bored and don't wanna deal with mess too, I'm so glad Kira gets to do that at school now! Honesty is good!

Anonymous said...

Haha nana surrounded by snakes, oh dear! :) I have ups and downs with craft, paints ect. SOmetimes Id rather be shot in the foot to avoid even setting it up other times I really want to get right in there too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I met to say what about water colours, you know the ones that are already in the little pallette tray. They are my messfree, well mess minimisation straegy for painting requests. I wet them all first so its easier.

Selene said...

Thanks for reminding me of those! I have a set here buried somewhere, they are a LOT less messy :D