Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogging linky love

Seems ages since I gave a link to anything, here are some gems in my RSS feeds lately:

The fabulous Rachel (and IRL friend), who has the lovely blog spinnering, where she finds gems scattered across the interwebs, has a new gem of her own, a blog about great etsy finds: etsycoup.  Check it out, it's gorgeous!  I love it when people with taste do my shopping for me :D

I am loving the blog, life with a severely disabled child, OMG that woman is hilarious!  You can tell you're gonna like it from her blog header:

It's black humour with awesome coping stylings thrown in.  It's the life with a disabled kid blog I wish I could write!

I enjoy the Montessori inspired One Hook Wonder, not least of which for her witty self description:
I am a mom of 4 living in a small town. Because this can be boring, I'm forced to craft and do Montessori activities with my kids. Oh, and we do some Waldorfy things too. If not for those saving graces, I'd be living a life of crime and mayhem.
If you need Art inspiration, check out The Artful Parent, particularly this summary post of every kind of art you can imagine!  It mostly makes me feel inadequate as a parent, but hey, it's a start that I'm looking at it, right?  ;D


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Rachel said...

How did I miss this?! Thanks for the lovely mention, will have to check out the other two :)