Monday, February 14, 2011

More doings: Catching up after all the Catching up!

Some doings from the past month or two, and some nice pics.

Lolly loves dinosaurs.  Loves 'em.  Before the floods we had a visit to the museum, where the dinosaurs are a big attraction.

Dora obsessed Lolly rides the dino-roar.

Dino Lolly

We always get ice cream at the Museum!  Yum!
A picnic lunch at "school" after we got the time wrong for Nido :p  She was so upset to miss "my school" and the lunch we packed that we stopped and had our lunch there anyway.  Om nom nom!

Conked in the car next to her cute sister.


Driving our friend at another friend's birthday party at the weekend!  Fun!

Cupcakes!!  (Thanks A for the pic!)

More painting fun!
Thanks for the pic, A!  :D

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