Thursday, February 10, 2011

Emergency rooms

We took Lolly to the children's emergency room last night, she had a fever and was complaining of a sore neck, which made me pretty worried, sore necks is one of those symptoms that freak me out :-o  They saw her straight away, we had fun collecting some wee for a test, and after a couple of hours and a good examination, she had perked right up.  No sign of a rash or other meningitis symptoms, thank all the gods.

Here she is enjoying the hospital bed and feeling a lot better, just before coming home.

She's low with fever on and off today, but she seems more "normally" sick today, not that sick that worries your instincts.

So, a fun night for all, at least we didn't have to bring Snail too, she's at her mum's.

Send us get well vibes!!


Rachel said...

So glad she's ok! Hope you get some sleep tonight xx

Stacey said...

Get well Lolly!

Anonymous said...

Oh I really hate it when kids are sick, I honestly become so overly anxious about sickness, especially ones like meningitis. Glad shes feeling better. Its amazing how hospitals seem to perk them up. We have had several emergency room encounters, one of which was after 3 days of illness and all occassions have ended in them feeling 80% better by the end!

Selene said...

She's all better now, it seems it was just one of those out of nowhere fevers. Thanks for the thoughts xx