Friday, September 10, 2010

Toddler Work equipment!

Here is the three sectioned tray I got for a steal at Spotlight, for sorting.  It's best to have three categories, but hey, Lolly grabs this and asks for all kinds of fun things to sort and play with on here.  Here are the small fuzzy pom poms we got (also from Spotlight).  Perhaps not the greatest shot to include, as they're not sorted "right" but hey, round here, there is no "right" when there are fun activities involved!

We found some more suction cup stick-on creatures to work with the marbles, as Lolly LOVES doing this, and we'd thrown out our collection of frogs and ducks which got moldy years ago.  Lovely bright sea creatures!

Don't look too closely at the rug, it's covered in dog hair!  Perhaps this shot will turn up on the next Things I Let Slide Tuesday post - lol.

And here's an example of Lolly building "a little house" with her stacker blocks, it shows how she orients all the blocks the same way, which I find really interesting!  Here, she's put the coloured side out (other than the "1" block, which from memory I put there).  It sure is an eye opener to leave the room and come back to a perfect tower with all the numbers on the same side :-o !

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