Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I let slide Tuesday!

I get a good look under my couch all too often, this might be TMI but it's visible in silhouette from the toilet - lol.  I have been meaning to move the couch, clean out underneath, and vacuum there, but have failed to do this for many many months.  Here is an arty upside-down photo of some mess under there :D.  They look like UFOs, and there is SO much dog hair!  :-o

Setting up a drawer in the kitchen for Lolly - I haven't done this yet either, though it's one of those things I think of nearly every time I'm in there!  I'd like the bottom drawer to have her bowls, cutlery and some tupperware boxes of snacks she can select and open.  I want a spot in the fridge shelves like this too.  We can't really leave food out as we have a dog, so this is the closest thing to it.

Oh, and I still haven't done anything from the last list either :D  We've been having way too much toddler fun to do too many chores!!

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Stacey said...

Hehehehe silhouetted from the loo! That's gold!! I still have to do my post...