Monday, September 13, 2010

This week's shelves.

After our big tidy up and sort on the weekend, here are Lolly's shelves for this week (these are in our lounge room)!

The top shelf has a great shape/colour/number puzzle I picked up a Crazy Clarks of all places, half price, so only $5!!  It's wood (but was made in China).

Lolly enjoys both the puzzle and the solid blocks it's made of.  Next to that is the sorting box.  Next shelf down has a bucket of beads I bought (as the toy library ones were very popular).  I used laces from a lacing activity she's not ready for yet, they're so colourful!  She has bought me this activity several times since I put it out.

I'm trialling a small basket of blocks, after reading that kids often find vast collections of blocks overwhelming, and that smaller selections were more approachable.  No interest in it yet, I plan on getting it out to play with today.

Next to that are some favourite library books, and on the bottom shelf are some puzzles from the toy library, and the rest of the library books.  I'm not happy with storing them all here, and plan on moving them to a plastic bin in the other half of the lounge near our rocking chair, trying to use that space more.

Wow, I sure have a lot to show today!  On the off chance you're still reading, here is the shelf under the TV -

Two lots of stacking blocks (the second wood ones are from when she was small, and only have three pieces), and two plastic containers with some coins in it - or "pennies" as Lolly calls 'em!  She loves pouring them out and sorting them, then putting them back in another container, and then doing it all again!  She has been playing with the blocks several times a day lately, stacking them correctly by size, and also toying with stacking them incorrectly and laughing when they fall down (or get knocked over.  I have to laugh as I'm on the couch writing this, and she's built the blocks right next to me, up to number 3 as she can't reach any higher when they're on the couch.  So cute!!  She does this so often, and the pink tower is such a big part of early Montessori, that I am thinking of buying another set, as this one is missing number sever, throwing out the careful gradations of the tower.  I spotted a playschool set at the ABC shop that might be a present from me once I get paid this week :D

Here is her work table today: marbles again.

In the play area behind our couch, I set up some dolls.

Lately Lolly has been interested in feeding dolls and putting them to bed, so I dug out Snail's old doll bed, and put two dolls out (it's VITAL to have one for each of the girls!! This avoids most of the screaming - lol).  There is a little stroller that goes here too.  I'm planning on adding some toy food, and some cups and plates.  Those who know me will know I do NOT plan on putting out bottles, we're breastfeeders here!! 

I'll do an update on what she likes and has been playing with later this week.  :D 


Kestrel said...

Oh I love this, clean, clear, bright and uncluttered. Looks great - and yes, I did read all the way to the end.

Our children got given bottles with some dolls and drove me crazy expecting me to express into them to feed their dolls. Go figure.

Selene said...

I love that story, nice idea to express into them :D Lolly just kind of looks at bottles with a confused expression :p

It's nice to know someone reads to the end!

Stacey said...

I read!! How neat it all looks!

Selene said...

I know you do, Stace, you rock! We always know at least one person reads our blogs! Each other! xx