Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things I let slide Tuesday!

The first thing was this blog!  We've been sick for weeks and weeks, and not doing much of interest, and it means I don't write much.

Other fun on the Things I let slide list!  This stuff out the side of my house has been on my to do list for AGES - but I never do it!  Here's a picture :D

It's made up of an exciting mix of kiddie pool, bale of straw mulch, old nappy pail, and...well, I'm not too sure!  You can also see my neglected outside hanging space, complete with broken peg basket.  With all the sickness here, I haven't hung washing in months!  You can also admire the Things Smash has let slide - the mowing!!

My other selection for this week is the shelves above the Lolly stuff in our lounge room.  They need a massive tidy and sort, and annoy me daily.   Here's  a picture to admire.  This is all the filing stuff that used to be upstairs in the study, but with Lolly, I do it all downstairs in the lounge, my plans for organisation start off well, but end up, well, messy. 

After Lolly wanted to be in this photo, you can probably add Lolly's hair to the things I've let slide list.  It's matted and unbrushed.  Yay!

So, what have YOU let slide this fine Tuesday!?  In the spirit of fun, not self-blaming, because we all have choices, and some things are just more fun or more necessary than cleaning the bathroom :D


Stacey said...

Hahaha I posted ;). You reminded me actually! You reckon it's ever gonna catch on?

Selene said...

Sure! We rock! :p I hope it goes viral ;)

RoseQuartz said...

Well, I was going to organise my kitchen cupboards but that didn't happen...yet again.

I give myself four 'safe' weeks which I surely won't birth in. Four weeks to get sooooo much done. I care so much about getting it done but at the same time just couldn't be arsed.

Selene said...

:D but you have a deadline, RoseQuartz - that baby is gunna come out sometime! :D