Thursday, January 12, 2012

More from Christmas!

A few snapshots from Xmas from a sporadic blogger!
OMG!!! XMAS!!!!
Early Xmas presents!

Convaid Rodeo Stroller Style wheelchair!!!
So excited about this one, I was so chuffed, as it was all my idea, I'd seen them online, researched, got a prescription, helped to find funding, and now it's here!!! 

Best warning sign EVAH
Giant Xmas tree!

Snail gets her switch-adapted Cookie Monster.
Lolly got a million tubs of PlayDo from Smash :D
Twas a grand few days!  Thanks go out to my parents, who stayed Xmas Eve and Xmas night, and my SIL L, who stayed a few days too!  xo


SaraMG said...

lovely photos! And what a great wheelchair, it looks so light to manoeuvre!

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful photos -- and the wheelchair/stroller is SWANKY!

Selene said...

We're loving the chair! It's so light, and red!!