Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shopping, in which I show off!

I shop monthly online.  It can be an arse-pain to do.  But it's also awesome.  Here's why:

Here's what our fridge looks like before - let's just say that when you shop monthly, at the end of the month your cupboard is bare...
An old cucumber, and condiments.  That's it!

The kitchen during...
Holy crap, putting this lot away sucks!
The kitchen after!
Lolly demonstrates the awesome of the pantry!

And the fridge!

It's pretty much a day's work in total to menu plan, order, and put away.  It's also totally worth it not having to do groceries again at the shop for a month.  I do a catch up shop the next day for things that they don't carry/didn't have, usually a quick half hour at the shop.  And I do fruit and veg weekly from an organics business my lovely friend owns, who deliver, and that's it! :D  No more shopping for 5 weeks!  :D

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