Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to say Goodnight, by Lolly

Me:  "Goodnight, Lolly."

Lolly:  "Goodnight Mummy Octonaut!" 

Me: "Goodnight Lolly Octonaut!"

Lolly: "No!  I'm Kwazii Octonaut!"

Me: "Okay, Goodnight, Kwazii Octonaut!"

Lolly:  "And you're Captain Barnacles, he's the boss bear of the Octopod.  You're Captain Barnacles Mummy, boss bear of the house!"

Me: "Yes, yes I am."

Lolly: "Goodnight, Captain Barnacles Octonaut Mummy!"

Me:  "Goodnight."

[Those without three year olds may wish to check out the Octonauts here, the gorgeous original book series, and an episode on YouTube, here.]


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Selene said...

Lolly is an all-Octonauts all the time show these days! I sure hope they do a second season.