Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little visitors

Last week we had some excitement round casa Selene...we finally booked a possum catcher to come and nab our roof-dwelling possums and fix the hole in our roof!  He came and set three traps, and the next day, excitment!

Lolly holding up one of her building blocks to "catch possums in the roof"!

She's actually facing the wrong way, which is even more adorable!

Lolly checks the bubba out carefully.

Too cute!
 Because the only issue was some missing tiles that we fixed, and the regulations about releasing possums as a protected species, we let them go in our yard (we have a big yard lol).

Mr Possum letting them go.
Mumma possum went for a quiet hidey hole, but teenaged possum went right up a tree!

We heard them that night trying to bust back in, but they can't now, so they've probably set up somewhere nearby in the bushland in our yard.  It was very excitement and Lolly enjoyed herself greatly!

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