Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Rid of it All...or at least Some...

We have been clearing and cleaning around here lately, in preparation for doing up our house.  Part of this big clear out involved taking everything out of our shed.  And it's a big shed.  It was stuffed with all of our stuff (okay, mostly my stuff) which has been there, virtually untouched, since we moved in here years ago.  A lot of it was rusty and mouldy and a lot of it was just old and not needed anymore. 

There were couches and clothes and chairs and the top of a bar, and bits and peices everywhere!  We filled an eight square metre skip with all this stuff!!!  I say we, but I mean DinnerDad and Smash.  The girls and I went down at the end of things to poke in the boxes and pick what to keep.  Apparently the spider population down in that shed was tres impressive.  I was somewhat relieved to miss it.  ;)

Here it is, full to the brim with our crap.  That's 8 square meters of crap!

In the process, DinnerDad and Smash cleaned out the garage - wow, it's tidy in there!  Notice the awesome motorbike :D

The giant shed, now a gardener's dream!

In order to get the stuff from the shed to the skip, DinnerDad and Smash spend a good while tidying up the "road" part of the garden that goes round the back, from our driveway.  It was seriously overgrown, wish I had a before pic!  Actually, this shot of Mr Possum Catcher letting the possum go was of the very spot I was standing to take the After shot below, but before the tidy up, which gives you an idea of how bad it had gotten. 

Here's our dog speeding down the newly tidy "road".   In case you're interested, our house is up one level to the right, and to the left is a very overgrown second level of "road" and bush down a gully.  

That is a LOT of crap we threw out! I am feeling very environmentally irresponsible, having just that sheer amount of stuff to throw out!  That is just so much consumption, most of it gone to waste.  I suppose I used it at one point in life...

I've kept some things - some boxes of books to sell, and my comic collection, which I'm also getting up for sale at some stage.  And my diaries, stuff from school days, memory stuff that I need to sort and file.   We do feel lighter!

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Bec said...

I bet that felt great to complete! I have put off geting stuck into my garage-come playroom for weeks ergh