Sunday, August 15, 2010

Playdough and bubbles!!

Some things Lolly likes.

OMG Playdough!  Dino-Roar (her dino toy) does "cutting" and shapes!

Love the face on this one!

Dino-Roar does cutting out.

Playdough is fun!

We got some beautiful organic playdough, Eco Clay, from an online friend recently, it's just gorgeous!  Here's a pic, and her madeit shop is here - the colours are gorgeous, it's so soft, and scented with organic oils, nom nom! 

Look at those gorgeous colours!

Bubbles are the other sure fire favourite lately.  We had a bubble kit from Snail years ago with lots of cool shapes for blowing bubbles.

Catching a bubble.

Here's a cute face :D

Hi Mum!

Bubbles, U R doin it rong :D


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anastasia_wolf said...

Hehe love the doing it rong one...