Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday, despite the rainy weather, we braved the Ekka!  We headed out in the afternoon, and after an exciting start visiting the emergency room when one of Smash's friends cut his head on a ride (he was fine, 5 stitches!), the boys went their own way while DinnerDad, Lolly and I went on the hunt for animals to look at.  We found pony rides!!!

Ridin' a pony!

We looked at birds, cats, fish and dogs, horses, and the animal nursery!  You couldn't get more awesome toddler entertainment into the one venue if you tried!  Lolly LOVES animals, so went from animal to animal with this kind of "awesome!" expression on her face :D  Here she is telling me about this calf.

Holy Crap!  A cow!

We bought some straw to feed them all, Lolly loved to get some in her palm and give it to the calf.

Feeding the calf.

We had some yummy Ekka food, saw the big cows, some more horses, then tackled the showbag pavillion.  I loaded Lolly up in the Ergo for that one :D  We got her a Backyardigans bag and toy, and some jelly snakes which kept her happy for a bit longer while we checked all the foolish showbags out.  DinnerDad and I grabbed some coffee and headed up to the arena to get a spot for the night show, finding enough space to meet the boys right up the front of the sheltered area, so we got pretty wet!  Here's Lolly admiring the view and the weather.

Watching the arena in the rain.

The three hooded teens :D

DinnerDad went foraging and returned with food!  Then ice creams!!

Strawberry Icecream!

A lot of the show wasn't on in the arena coz of the rain, but they did do the fireworks, which was great, though a little scary for Lolly, she liked the ones that weren't tooooooo noisy :D

Blurry fireworks in the rain.

It was a wet and muddy walk back to the car, totally worth the day, we had such a great time.  And at home sat on the lounge room floor and emptied our showbags, just like when I was a kid :D  Lolly ran round like a lunatic high on fun and chocolate.  DinnerDad ate and Extreme Sour Warhead from his showbag (which was hilarious), I ate chocolate, it was all good!

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anastasia_wolf said...

Yay for Ekka fun! I'm too scared to go, 'fraid we'll catch a killer flu or something LOL!!