Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Montessori Three Part Lesson

I love this quick video on the Montessori three part lesson - which I try very hard to remember round here.  It's a lovely way to assist learning without constantly correcting, asking "what is this" when the child doesn't know, and so on.  It's this basic formula for 'teaching' new objects and things, anything really.  The Three Part Lesson is:

1. This is...

2. Show me...

3. What is?

Only the last stage is the demanding "what is?" which can be very intimidating for little ones!


Cynthia Dyer said...

Good video. If I may, I'd just like to make a few further suggestions. In the first period (This is...) the objects should be in isolation. That means that the other 2 objects should not be on the table when the third is being introduced. Less chance of confusion.

Also, I have found that a child recognizes they've made a mistake if one goes back to the first period immediatly after a mistaken in the second period. I prefer to distract the child and go back to the lesson another day.

The 3PL is a cornerstone of Montessori education and one that easily translates into everyday practice. Thank you for sharing this video with everyone.

Selene said...

Thanks! I've had lots of success with this with Lolly, it really is so simple and effective. After I "unlearned" going straight to "what is"! :D