Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Photo a Day Challenge - 365 Photos for 2009

I am doing this Challenge, where you commit to taking a photo a day for the whole year. I got the idea from Anaed at her lovely blog, words. And her photos so far are simply lovely. Well, I actually only decided to do it on the 5th of January, so will have to go a few days into 2010 to get the full "year"!

Here is my first photo (which I happened to take on the first of January!):

See my Album here. I'll post them on the blog when I can, too.

In family news, Lolly is, we think, teething, and has had rough nights all week. She had a fever early in the week, and a couple of unhappy spews, too, poor love. It is a kidlet week, and we've been relaxing a lot. We did manage the Art Gallery yesterday, and some lunch and shopping today. DinnerDad is off work for 3 weeks, which is fab!

And check out our new family blogs! DinnerDad and Games R Me

Here is yesterday's photo, I couldn't resist the yoghurt-y face!

I am taking a lot of portrait shots at the moment, my third shot is of Smash (not a good one, but needed a shot for that day!), and I photograph Lolly all the time. Am loving my new Canon EOS 40D. Loving it a lot!

Gotta go, bub crying and hopefully she's off to sleep soon!

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