Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos of the last few days + Lolly!

Lolly is delightful at the moment, so full of wonder for the world and everything in it. She has started 'talking' to us, she says "mumumumum" and "dadadadad", and with mummum, she is getting it right most of the time, almost enough to say that is her first proper word, applied to it's correct object - ME! Gorgeous. She also loves to have toungue clicking conversations with us, she clicks, then I click, and DinnerDad clicks, she clicks some more, it's fun to see her learning about talking to us and using her voice to communicate. DinnerDad and I have been looking at Auslan and Makaton signs as well, we use some signs with Snail and thought we'd use a few more with both Lolly and Snail over the next few months. Currently, Snail uses "more" and "finished" - but she says More as well, a lot! We'd like a sign for "booba" for Lolly, and "play" "no" "yes" - and maybe for Smash and Snail too.

Lolly is a chubba bubba, her thights are getting huge, she's not crawling yet, though moves around a lot more on me, experimenting. She leans right over when sitting too. Crawling is probably not far away, I think she gets frustrated as she is ready intellectually to explore further, but can't as yet. I try not to worry that she is a "late" crawler, all her physical development is fine, even advanced, she points and picks up tiny things, transfers objects, all the other stuff, just fine, and did all this early. Her eating is great, she picks up everything, even tiny crumbs, and pops it straight in her mouth - so cute! She fed herself yoghurt the other day (I posted a photo of this already), really confident with the spoon. Spoons and baby forks are amoung her favourite 'toys' at the moment, too. She loves tupperware and baskets, and pulling heaps of things out of them, and waiting for me to put it all back in again! She plays her xylophone, and the toy flowers we got. She dances to the music (bobbing up and down and smiling at us). She also waves her arm for dancing, and laughs at me doing the same.

She loves to hold up a spoon or fork to my mouth and i pretent to eat - nom nom nom - she laughs and laughs! She likes us to pretend to eat her fingers, too!

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13/365: Breakfast

12/365: Sleep

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