Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weather and other meanderings

Yesterday, Lolly and I were driving in to a local shopping centre for the sling meet, and it was the most beautiful day, one of those Australian spring/summer days where the sky is that perfect blue colour, and everything (due to the recent rain in these parts) is so green it needs to be in capital letters - GREEN! It is HOT as all get out, but gorgeous too. Here is our back yard, or the tree tops of a bit of the bush out the back, anyway.

We sling meet-ed away, and then came home to help the Dadda dig a hole. Our rainwater tank is being installed tomorrow, and it needs a bed of stuff to sit on. D was going to dig a trench for the run-off pipe, but was too overcome with a cold to bother. We're hoping the installation people will do it!

Here is said bed of stuff, with Dave cutting down the metal pole of the washing line, behind a magnificent looking Bajak. Not bad for a dog who is 16 and a half!

So here are some more shots... I have been experimenting with the video camera (that also takes stills, obviously!), and can get some okay shots, but it is frustrating as it focusses where it likes and won't do what I want it too. Just more amunition in my campaign to get a new digital SLR, since I can't tolerate the slowness and lack of instant gratification of the regular SLR anymore, despite many of the shots still being good!

Here is one of me! I don't mind it, and I usually hate photos of myself...

Today, D, Lolly and I went into Southbank for a walk with the babywearing group. It is International Baby-wearing Week and this was one of the festivities. It was VERY hot (again with the capitals!) and Lolly was flushed and bothered. Dave and I are both a bit low with colds, so were a little anti-social. Still, glad we went.

This afternoon it stormed most spectacularly here, we took Lolly outside for the prelude, lots of wind and spots of rain, we ran for the entry-way as the big deluge began! She loved it all! Legs going miles an hour, smiling and laughing at the sky, maybe it was the positive ions! Here is a not so great shot of the rain over the valley as seen from our side yard. We stood out for ages, Lolly really liked it, at least until it was time for booby and a nap :-).

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