Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Water, water, everywhere!

We have had a few water themed events here over the past couple of weeks! Of course, there are the floods and storms of the past weeks, we were fine here, thank goodness, didn't even lose power! Just near us some roads were out - Dave took some shots of the flooding nearby (this was on Thursday last week):

We had our watertank installed (just after the big storm the weekend before last, in time to collect rain all last week!). It's a 5000l tank and is plumbed to the toilet. We're also going to use some of this water for the vege garden. Not that we've needed to water the garden in a couple of weeks with all the rain! We got a great deal on the tank, installation and all for the price of the rebates! Yay!

And, finally, we all went swimming in the spa for the first time this season. This was Lolly's first ever swim in a pool! She loved it! Snail is a total waterbaby and loves to swim, so was very happy to hop in and play. Smash helped!

In an unrelated photo op - here is Lolly investigationing Pippin our dog. Needless to say, Pippi is a very loving creature who is great with kids!

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