Monday, November 17, 2008

Lolly at 8 months!

Lolly is 8 months!

Taking an idea from a lovely blog an online friend of mine has – From Boob and Beyond – I thought I would write about what Lolly is like at 8 months of age, the grand old age of which she has reached today! Here is Lolly at 5 days old.

And here she is on Saturday, two days ago.

Lolly is a happy, smiling, grinning, laughing soul. She is very amused by the world in general, especially funny faces, noises, the pets, the Dadda, and Smash. She finds life to be delightful. She loves to be tickled! Tickling causes squeals of delight, and anticipation of delight. Lolly getting tickled by the Dadda:

She loves to grab everyone's hair, Snail is not a fan of this!

Lolly is thoughtful, and loves to investigate things. She uses her hands, she points at things, practising with her index finger. She has a wonderful thinking face. Here, she is investigationing the camera.

Her current interests include Mr Fish, the inside tubes off toilet and paper towel rolls, and tags of all kinds.

She has a new interest in board books, and likes to flap the pages back and forth (and eat the corners, too). Some of her favourite things to play with are an old remote for a TV we don't own anymore, and a wireless Mac keyboard with no batteries. She pokes the keys and bangs other toys on it, and particularly enjoys doing this while I have the other (working) keyboard on my lap! She likes noises made by toys clicked together. She loves to sit with toys all around her and play, so long as she can see the mumma at all times!

I wanna change the channel Mumma!

She is a keen conversationalist, and loves to talk. She chats a lot, and makes fun blah blah noises, and general burbles, and funny sounds on my shoulder or her own arms. Sometimes she mimics our sounds, and we suspect she'll be saying 'dadda' in no time! She recently learnt to click her tongue, and likes to do that with us. She likes music and will burble along to songs.

She enjoys food, even if only in little bits so far as she is breastfed.

Her favourites include banana, potato, apple pieces, and rusks. She loves to sip from cups, we give her tiny sips of water in a cup to play with sometimes, she really enjoys that.

Lolly is very social, and enjoys all the friends we go to see. She likes to come shopping with me, she will happily sit in the sling for ages just looking at the shops, people, noises and lights. She likes to sit on my knee for a coffee (the coffee is for me, LOL) at cafes. She naps in the car, but sometimes doesn't like that we live a little far out and the car trips can be long. She loves to see Nanna and Granddad. But sometimes other people are better viewed from my arms!

Bath-time with Mumma, Dadda, or both, and/or Snail is good fun! Splashing and kicking is great and so is sitting on a lap and watching the water from the tap on her hands. There is a bath toy turtle that has a good head for sucking on, and washers taste good too.

She has all her day sleeps in Mumma's arms, unless we are in the car. She goes to sleep quite late at night, and likes to sleep for 10 or more hours overnight next to her Mum. Many feeds, but still, we both get a lot of sleep! Although I'll add the disclaimer for this morning, she woke up before 6am, we went back to bed at 7.30, but Mumma and bub were up at 8 when the plumber came to fit our water tank. Sigh. Good for the watertank, bad for bub and I. We are somewhat tired and a little grumpy!

This is a little glimpse of Lolly-grub at 8 months old. She is a joy, and has brought great happiness to my life. Thank you, Lolly.

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