Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting back to it!

We have been snowed under with life "stuff" lately, and are just getting our heads above water now. So here's to more blogging in future, this place has been sadly neglected!

We've been busy bees, Lolly and I have been out and about heaps the last couple of weeks. We have a family party for the girls' birthdays tomorrow, so will be back to post pics from that :D Lolly is two on the 17th, and Snail is 11 on the 26th! Wow!

Lolly is an adorable bundle, her speech is just amazing, she has whole complex sentences now, like "Mummy, 'snap' [crocodile] fall down on the ground," and "Mummy, poss[ums] up there go sleep!" [please possums in our roof, go to sleep you noisy buggers!]. She is a little parrot, which is hilarious when she repeats complex words like "overlocker" or "credit card", and even funnier when she declares "shit!" just after I swear about something :D

Here is a cute pic from late Feb to tide you over, here she is colouring and playing "stick"-ers on her little table and Elmo chair, nawwwww.

Little gorgeous girl with super curls!

Fast asleep on the couch with head at a breakable angle!


anastasia_wolf said...

Awwww she's gorgeous! I love the parroting!

Selene said...

It sure is cute :D