Monday, February 8, 2010

Catching up

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks as we've been flat out! My lovely friend had her baby, a boy, at home in her bedroom, it was so wonderful and a privilege to have been a part of it all. So much love to you and your family, M. It was one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences of my life to have been there, thank you so much :x

Here is me and the new squishy a couple of days later.

Little hands.

Dave had to go to hospital with abdominal pain on Australia Day, and spent two night there with a torsion of the omentum (rare and owie!). They took out his appendix too, so he has been sore and sorry for himself of late. He's doing well and is back at work today (lucky him!).

We've only now been getting back to our own busy visiting and playgroups and meets, here are some shot of Lolly trying out some stairs at a meet on Friday.

Playing at a meet on Thursday.

Cute girl helping me take shots of her nappies to sell (she grew out of em!).

I'll be posting a little more now that things are back to normal :D

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