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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Cheezburger

Must read breastfeeding article from the New Yorker

Here is a link to a recent article from Jill Lepore, "Baby Food: If breast is best, why are women bottling their milk?" Lepore provides a great analysis of the curent value of mothering and mother's milk in a capitalist environment. Really interesting. My fave bits:

"More important, the name falls something short of capacious: only female mammals lactate; males, strictly speaking, are not mammals.

"By the turn of the century, the cow’s udder, or, more often, its head, had replaced the female human breast as the icon of milk.

"Year by year, bottles became less like breasts. The familial cylindrical bottle, called the Stork Nurser, dates from 1910 and is tied to the rise of the stork myth: milk comes from the milkman; babies come from storks.

"A brief history of food: when the rich eat white bread and buy formula, the poor eat brown bread and breast-feed; then they trade places.

"Non-bathroom lactation rooms are such a paltry substitute for maternity leave, you might think that the craze for pumps—especially pressing them on poor women while giving tax breaks to big businesses—would be met with skepticism in some quarters.

"It appears no longer within the realm of the imaginable that, instead of running water and a stack of magazines, “breastfeeding-friendly” could mean making it possible for women and their babies to be together. Some lactation rooms even make a point of banning infants and toddlers, lest mothers smuggle them in for a quick nip. At the University of Minnesota, staff with keys can pump their milk at the Expression Connection, but the sign on the door warns: “This room is not intended for mothers who need a space to nurse their babies.”"

Thanks to an online friend who posted this link at a forum I belong to.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos of the last few days + Lolly!

Lolly is delightful at the moment, so full of wonder for the world and everything in it. She has started 'talking' to us, she says "mumumumum" and "dadadadad", and with mummum, she is getting it right most of the time, almost enough to say that is her first proper word, applied to it's correct object - ME! Gorgeous. She also loves to have toungue clicking conversations with us, she clicks, then I click, and DinnerDad clicks, she clicks some more, it's fun to see her learning about talking to us and using her voice to communicate. DinnerDad and I have been looking at Auslan and Makaton signs as well, we use some signs with Snail and thought we'd use a few more with both Lolly and Snail over the next few months. Currently, Snail uses "more" and "finished" - but she says More as well, a lot! We'd like a sign for "booba" for Lolly, and "play" "no" "yes" - and maybe for Smash and Snail too.

Lolly is a chubba bubba, her thights are getting huge, she's not crawling yet, though moves around a lot more on me, experimenting. She leans right over when sitting too. Crawling is probably not far away, I think she gets frustrated as she is ready intellectually to explore further, but can't as yet. I try not to worry that she is a "late" crawler, all her physical development is fine, even advanced, she points and picks up tiny things, transfers objects, all the other stuff, just fine, and did all this early. Her eating is great, she picks up everything, even tiny crumbs, and pops it straight in her mouth - so cute! She fed herself yoghurt the other day (I posted a photo of this already), really confident with the spoon. Spoons and baby forks are amoung her favourite 'toys' at the moment, too. She loves tupperware and baskets, and pulling heaps of things out of them, and waiting for me to put it all back in again! She plays her xylophone, and the toy flowers we got. She dances to the music (bobbing up and down and smiling at us). She also waves her arm for dancing, and laughs at me doing the same.

She loves to hold up a spoon or fork to my mouth and i pretent to eat - nom nom nom - she laughs and laughs! She likes us to pretend to eat her fingers, too!

14/365: View

13/365: Breakfast

12/365: Sleep

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Sweet" or not?

I love the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks, and last week we saw a great example at our local fruit and veg place! DinnerDad took this photo (and yes we did send it in to the blog) :).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Photo a Day Challenge - 365 Photos for 2009

I am doing this Challenge, where you commit to taking a photo a day for the whole year. I got the idea from Anaed at her lovely blog, words. And her photos so far are simply lovely. Well, I actually only decided to do it on the 5th of January, so will have to go a few days into 2010 to get the full "year"!

Here is my first photo (which I happened to take on the first of January!):

See my Album here. I'll post them on the blog when I can, too.

In family news, Lolly is, we think, teething, and has had rough nights all week. She had a fever early in the week, and a couple of unhappy spews, too, poor love. It is a kidlet week, and we've been relaxing a lot. We did manage the Art Gallery yesterday, and some lunch and shopping today. DinnerDad is off work for 3 weeks, which is fab!

And check out our new family blogs! DinnerDad and Games R Me

Here is yesterday's photo, I couldn't resist the yoghurt-y face!

I am taking a lot of portrait shots at the moment, my third shot is of Smash (not a good one, but needed a shot for that day!), and I photograph Lolly all the time. Am loving my new Canon EOS 40D. Loving it a lot!

Gotta go, bub crying and hopefully she's off to sleep soon!