Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A belated Happy 17th Birthday to Bajak

This fabulous ode to one of our lovely dogs was written by his Aunty Liz.

Bajak was 17 at the start of June this year, I know, amazing hey. Here is a pic of the old boy from a few days ago, still goin' but goin' pretty slowly.

And here is an Ode to Bajak,


Ode on a Dog

What a creature is a dog
A beast disgusting as he is wise
A dog is a paradox (or a 'paradogs')
His breath, when a puppy, is as sweet as his tiny paws
Give him seventeen years, and it's hard to tell from which end
the fumes emanate!
He loves unconditionally
and, alas, uncritically!
A much anticipated deposit in the kitty litter,
or a freshly loaded nappy,
is as sweet
to him
as a roast stolen from the kitchen bench.
Likewise, the pong-and-chew of a sneaker
is as covetous
to him
as the Nike label was to his master.
Conveniently deaf
he is threatened with a one way ticket to the pound
for yet another filthy misdemeanour.
He tries your patience for this squillionth time
and then regards you
eye to eye -
Mano a Doggo -
as only a dog can...
reads your heart with all the insight of a Lama
the precision of a lexographer.
He is a genius comedian
a furry confessor.
Protecting his charge
saw him charged!
Dangerous Dog!
He's a wolf in dog's clothing.
A family dog.
Everyone's dog,
and every one's own dog -
A furry brother
and a best friend.
A Good Dog
A Bad Dog
An Old Dog...
The Dog.

Happy birthday, Bajak.

Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Gabi. xxxxxxxxx

Here he is, Electric Dog - Powered Down

We love you, old boy!

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