Thursday, May 14, 2009

A baby gets bigger! And of our recent adventures...

Here are some recent pics (lazy blogging today) of our doings. The thing about babies is that they get bigger! Who'd-a-thunk-it!?

Lolly is delightful as usual, she is standing and cruising, and decided to crawl (as well as bum-shuffle) last weekend. She practices standing all day, and cruises around furniture (a bit unsteadily, but gets surefooted so quickly!).

She loves her car and scoots around at great speed.

She really enjoys the weeks we have the brother and sister too, though there are some jealous moments with the Snail. Smash is there just to amuse her, and she loves to play and giggle with him. Here are the girls busted doin' something.

We have been busy lately, lots of gatherings with other mothers and babies, weekend picnics, a visit to Buddha's birthday (where we lit a special candle and asked for blessings), and visits from our Aunt J (we went out to lunch with her last week and had great fun). Here are some shots of our travels:

Bhudda's Birthday festival, and our candle.

Hanging out at home with Snail.

Auntie J!

Having friends over!

My beautiful girl is growing up, and I'm loving every minute of it all (even the sore boobs from teething chomps). She's so open and happy, it is a joy to spend all my time with her. Smooches Lolly!

Will be updating a little more often in future! :)

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