Monday, May 18, 2009

14 months of Lolly Excellence!

Well, my small baby is 14 months (yesterday)! I know all parents say this, but I can't quite believe it! Here is a word picture of Lolly at 14 months.

She is just coming out of her baby-hood into toddler-hood. She is starting to explore her world, always cruising back past me to check I'm there. She laughs and smiles all the time, and seems like a truly happy soul. She is very determined, and wants what she wants - all normal and natural for a babe of this age. She is daring, and secure. She can be a little shy with new people, but likes to play and see other babies and friends.

Her favourite things to do are playing with the fishpond, which is mostly dropping things in it, and recently, pointing at the fish food and wanting me to feed the fish (and then trying to pick fish food out of the water and eat it!). Here she is brushing her teeth with some fish water - eeeeww!

She loves books, her favourites are The Foot Book by Dr Seuss, and some picture word books that live in the car. She is also partial to all our Seuss books, and a lovely ocean life book of Snails that plays sounds of the oceans. In the car, she needs a constant supply of books, and will sit happily (if it's one that suits her) turning the pages, pointing at things in it, and burbling the "story" to herself. She also loves to play with her brother, who makes her giggle just by looking at her, and tickles her mercilessly! DinnerDad is also a big tickler, she asks about Dadda now during the days, and when she hears a motorbike, will say "Dadda, dadda". Awwwww. She also loves the bath, and looking at photos on the computer (or the camera), she gets very excited to see pics of herself, Snail and Smash in particular.

She has a few words, Dadda, Mumma, Booba (another word for Mumma LOL), Star (her first proper word), a kind of "duh" sound for dog, "meow" for cat, and "baaa" for bath. After dinner or eating in her highchair, she will start trying to take off her shirt and say "baaaa". Mucho cute.

She is standing and cruising on furniture now, not far off walking. Last week she started to stand unsupported, she still falls over, but is testing the waters.

She loves standing up next to me and falling (hurling herself) on me and laughing, she can do this for ages! Here she is mid-fling:

She likes her food, especially DinnerDad's cooking! We also have platters of biccies, cheese, fruit during the day and she likes to snack on this (or for afternoon tea with Snail). She loves drinking water out of her sippy cups. She recently had her first Babycino (with no chocolate on top, just froth) and loved it, and today at the shops was clearly expecting one when I got a coffee for myself (she wasn't disappointed!). She loves hot chips (I suck off the salt LOL), nashi pears, rice cakes, and cheese. She likes meat too, and will eat that in preference to other foods.

So that's Lolly, a gorgeous, happy baby, 14 whole months in the world. Much love to you, my daughter!


anastasia_wolf said...

She's such a gorgeous bubba!

Anonymous said...

Little angel. D